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5 Home Buyer Turn Offs + How to Address Them

Buyers notice everything. From the moment they pull up, they’re on high alert. And ya know what? I don’t blame ‘em!

But as your listing agent, it’s my job to help you overcome buyer objections. So here are the top 5 buyer complaints I hear and my recommendations on how to address them.

Lighting. Buyers crave natural light, but some areas are just naturally darker. So in spaces like hallways and entryways, replace the bulbs with the brightest possible.


Smell. Nothing turns off a buyer more quickly than a funky smell. Even candles and air fresheners can be overwhelming and can make buyers wonder what you’re covering up. So, you gotta tackle the odor at the source.


Space. Although you can’t make the ceilings taller or the room wider, you can remove unnecessary furniture and accessories to make the space feel bigger. My #1 recommendation is to reduce what's in your closets and cupboards by at least 30%.


Outdated design. Old wallpaper and outdated paint colors can keep buyers from envisioning themselves in the home. Not so good. A quick and relatively inexpensive fix? Upgrade your hardware, like cabinet pulls and doorknobs.


Grime. Most importantly, clean everything...thoroughly! Magic erasers really are magic. Trust me.


If you’d like more tips on how to prep your home for listing, watch my video on Seller Q&A with fellow Realtor, Sherry Payne.

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