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Haunted Real Estate!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

In Today’s Halloween Special, I share a little tip about haunted real estate, and then I share a couple of real life haunted house stories. I have tried to find stories that everyone hasn't already read or seen on YouTube. Hopefully these stories are new to you.


This Halloween special includes stories from real people about their personal experiences with paranormal activity in their homes. These stories include ghost or spirit sightings, poltergeist activity, and some insight from a realtor’s (my) perspective. If you think this may be too scary for you, please feel free to skip this video or watch at your own discretion.

Tip# 1: Stigmatized Property Sells for Less

From: Meredith on Reddit

Not all stigmatized properties are the same. A bank foreclosure many have a minor stigmatization that is temporary. A home that was a former meth lab could make the home unfinanceable. A haunting is different in that they usually involve human emotions. It is where birthdays, anniversaries and family holidays are celebrated. If a property is haunted it could prevent you from your right to 'quiet enjoyment' of your family's new home. The following story really illustrates this point:

"I never believed in ghosts. I was attending college , My best friend lived about 6 hours away-we knew each other since I was 6 years old started calling me in the middle of the night-scared out of his mind -because the house he had just bought was “haunted”. I laughed at him , blew it off, but always chatted until he could fall asleep. My friend grew up on a farm , was hard working and down to earth , and was a very big snd strong man. To hear him scared of a “ghost” was laughable and wildly uncharacteristic, as he wasn’t afraid of anything! Well after I finished that year of school, I would move across the state to be with him, snd finish school at a different college. In the meantime, one of his other roommates (same type of down to earth farm boy) had literally taken off running in the night in nothing but his underwear , because he was too scared to go back into the house for his cell phone. He ran downtown to a bar to use the phone for a ride to a different place. He returned to the house but one time -in broad daylight-to retrieve his things.

One year -I lived there -365 days -and through that year -all kinds of weird, little things happened, but each one I would just brush off , blame on something else -not realizing how many times in this year I was looking over my shoulder to see who or what was there, every time seeing nothing. But the night I woke up in a pitch black room in the dead of winter, and very clearly saw a black figure floating directly above me (goosebumps and tears still come to me at this part of this story) and I said calmly and in a low voice “Travis, what the hell is that??” Travis was a very deep sleeper and a brief quiet sentence like that would not ever wake him up but I was frozen and couldn’t move and as soon as I heard him say “what the FU….” I knew he was awake and I knew he saw the same thing I was. Screaming, I scrambled for the light switch , and as i all this happened -the entire year before me was flashing in my mind. Every single time I felt uneasy, every single time I couldn’t explain certain things, and every single glance over my shoulder -all came out as clear as day to me. I would have rather been insane. This thing was evil. Very evil. And it made me believe -it made me see-and it did and still does -gave me the most unsettled sick feeling In my gut. We left the house - and it still sits empty , on the market for less than half of its appraised value. There is of course much more to this story , but I will leave it at that. That thing was very evil, and nothing to be messed with."

Tip#2: Haunted Property Does Not Equal Bad

Not all haunted houses have malevolent spirits. Many times the spirit is benign and as this story shows, a simple prayer can end any disturbance. If you get a little gold out of it, all the better!

From: Reddit by Retro Rocket

"About 20 years ago, I had bought an apartment in Galway Ireland so I could travel back and forth from the states and not worry about looking for accommodation. So, one night after I had partied really hard in town, I eventually came home and went straight to bed. I woke up at about 4 am and needed to use the toilet. I had an en-suite in my bedroom but for what I had to do; the main toilet would be a lot safer. So, up I got and sauntered into the dining room. (I didn’t need to switch on a light as the street lights were sufficient for where I was heading.)

It was then that I spotted her. A tall pretty girl in her mid-twenties slowly walking across the room. She turned and glanced in my direction and got a terrible fright. Then, she quickly vanished into thin air before my very eyes. I would have gotten a scare myself only for the backpressure that was building up in my bum had taken priority, and that had to be dealt with……Right Now! Also, I didn’t get scared because, for some reason, I felt that I was in absolutely no danger whatsoever.

So, a week passed and I had forgotten all about it and if I did think back, I would have put it down to being drunk and that my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Anyways, one evening I went into the spare bedroom (A room that I never go into) to get my printer. On top of the printer were a tarnished silver bracelet and a silver chain. How strange, I thought as nobody ever slept in that room and I was the first occupant in my new apartment. I asked my female buddies were they missing jewelry, but no they were not. A few days later, a couple of silver rings showed up on my kitchen table. Now, someone had to be pulling the piss as I had nobody visiting for a while. My sister called one evening as I was trying to figure out where the old necklace and silver broach came from. I was totally baffled. So, I asked my sis to take them all away and get them checked out. She came back to me with an answer. Apparently, they were all over one hundred years old.

I was still more curious than frightened. So, I sat down and said a few prayers for the spirit of this lady to find peace and to move on. (Basically, I was telling her to Fuck off and to leave me alone) Also, I asked if she would stop dropping off her crappy jewelry at my place as I don’t want it. But I will take all the gold that she wants to leave me.

Never saw her again, never saw the gold either…."

Tip #3: New Homes Can Be Haunted

Most people, when the think of haunted houses, they think of old houses. I used to think that is the house was new it somehow was not possible to be haunted. This story actually comes from a fellow realtor in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Both the realtor and homeowners have asked to remain anonymous.

"We built a new construction house in 2005 and this all pretty much happened the first year we lived there. We had heard a person screaming, items going missing & people walking up and down the stairs. Pajama pants Went missing when we live there because I took them off stepped in the shower and when I got out, they were nowhere to be found. We never located them. When the new people moved in, he bought a new spotlight used it off the back deck set it on the island went to bed woke up he’s never seen it since. We live there for five years because it didn't scare them away and then we sold it. We only moved one house over so we are still very close to the people that live there like they’re really good friends of ours. They are planning to build down the road and will put it on the market….

We went to our agent's office a couple of weeks after closing to ask them about weird things that had happened in our new home. Turns out, that years previously the land had a farm on it. The farmer and his wife had lived there a while. One day, He walked out to check on his cows and had a heart attack. When his wife found him, she screamed. We live in a small town and in our neighborhood, everybody knows everybody so the Other neighbors knew about the gentleman that passed away, he was a preacher."

Nothing to be Unafraid of...

My final story is certainly the sppokiest. Malevolent spirits are never something to mess with. My only tip here is to contact paranormal experts to learn how to best deal with them.

by Rebekah at

"This is a true story. I have a few paranormal visitations in the past but none as profound as the night of 01.20.2010. I was 22 years old. I was supposed to be in Washington DC that night watching the inauguration live from the lawn of the white house. My mother had come down with a sudden sickness so I stayed home and watched the historical events from on the TV cuddles up in warm blankets and sipping tea. At exactly 6 am I was awoken. for some reason I looked at the clock. Awoken by what I wasn't sure. Something sinful. I felt a presence some one was there. Ridiculous I thought. I should try to sleep. Why was I wide awake I thought it's 6 a.m. I am usually in deep sleep. I couldn't shake the thought of some one watching me. I felt something touch my leg. Still in denial I wondered if i was half sleeping.. I reached out and pinched myself.. no.. I was wide awake.. I had a deep fear of dread. The temperature had dropped. Something in me had been preparing for this long ago. I looked over and I saw him sitting on my bed and smiling at me. Or it? He had the face of an intelligent young man, but the body.. the body. His body was green and a bunch of entangled vines.. that's the best that I can describe it. He had no limbs. No neck. To separate his body from his head there was a saucer with multi colors. Like the rings of Saturn. I look at him, he was smiling at me wildly. For the last time i felt myself trying to reassure myself that this was a dream, but it wasn't it was real and it was there with me. I had lost all feeling out of emotional shock. I thought to myself that I should pray. I still couldn't move or think. I looked up again it moved closer to me. Then finally was able to snap out of it and think! what do? my bedsheets moved away from me. Curiosity got the best of me. Was it trying to possess me, rape me, what does it want? I knew it was evil so by asking would only add to it's joy. I came to my senses quick but I was incapable of moving. So I prayed. At first it was telling it mostly cuss words telling the entity that I was with God and that I was disgusted by it. That it needed to leave. I prayed the St. Micheal's prayer and the Our Father. I even chanted the AUM I looked over again it was grimacing. I again dared to ask what it wanted it laughed. Why me why do these things happen to me? I tried to forced it to leave I spat at it. I shoke. I felt like i was suffocating. I told it that it would not pass into my soul. It was not a shadow person I had encountered them before. I felt it was a minion of the devil. Finally I was completely overtaken with a fear so strong I can only imagine people feel before sudden deaths. I told it that I am with the Lord and it couldn't have me. It lifted me. I prayed I was adamant and sincere with my prayer and It was gone. what was that about? It was over or so I thought. There was silence. Then I heard voices. Not english but some sort of ancient language. Aramaic I don't I wasn't listening i was so shaken up. I heard my name? WHAT? oh God was is happening? Remial..they were saying remial or remi. My first name is very similar to that. No remial.. who is remiel? I couldnt keep up with the gibberish. There was singing. I passed out. still shaken up. I later found out that Remial is the archangel of hope. did he step in. I regret not listening. Till this day I have no idea what that was about? If you have any idea please let me know."